Trying The Litter-Robot Self Cleaning Litter Box for The First Time


Surprise!!! Thats what mom and dad said a few days ago when a huge box entered our home. OMG, what is that? A giant box so we can play? We started smelling the box trying to figure out what’s inside (of course we can read the labels, we are cats, not stupid). Soon we found out that this is our new litter box. Finally because our litter box is very small and with Panthiras going in 5 times a day it is a nightmare. Then we heard mom say that it is a robot and it is self cleaning. WHAT??

litter robot unboxingWe do not really care if it is self cleaning since we are not the ones who clean the litter box anyway, dad does that so lucky him. But, what do you mean “a robot”? Can it walk and talk, can it MEOW?? Can we play with it? The answer to all these questions was NO. It was then when I realized that the movies are lying about robots. This is just a stupid machine that rotates and cleans the litter from our poop. Wait, does that mean that the litter will always be clean and I do not have to bury Panthiras’ poop anymore? AWESOME!

exploring litter robotAfter a few minutes dad opened the box and added the Litter Robot to its new place in the house. We started discovering and smelling this good looking machine. But at first there was no litter inside. I guess dad wanted to give us some time to get used to it. After a few more minutes he added fresh litter inside the Robot’s mouth. What do you mean we have to get inside its mouth? Poop in its mouth? What if it closes the mouth? OMG!!! Then dad pressed a button and the Robots’ head started rotating. I was scared to death at first and run away but I was curious too so came closer to see what is going on. Panthiras was always by my side even though he is usually more afraid than I am. But he is still a kitten and more curious. While it was rotating the litter disappeared and a few seconds later it came back. A magic robot I thought. Then it was standing still for many hours. Panthiras was trying to figure out which button to press without any luck.

smelling litter robot

spinning litter robot

The next day, the door to our old litter box was closed and Panthiras had to poop (as I said he used the litter box 5-6 times a day, probably because he eats too much). Then I saw him entering the Robot’s mouth and pooping inside. A few minutes later the Robot started rotating making the litter disappear and throwing the poop in a big hole. Panthiras mind was blown away. OK ok, I get it….this is our new toilet. Since it is always clean, I LIKE IT!

So here is how it works

Dad explained us how it works so we are not afraid anymore. The Litter-Robot has a weight sensor inside and when you click the reset button it resets the weight. When Panthiras goes in and does his job then a countdown timer starts which is set to 10 minutes. You can change that to 20 minutes if you want. This will give time to the litter to absorb all liquids. After 10 minutes it starts rotating. Fresh litter goes through some small holes which looks like a net and inside is a box which keeps the litter. Whatever is bigger than the litter does not go through and goes through a big hole at the bottom which leads to a big basket where is a bag. After that the Robot rotates again on the opposite direction and fresh litter gets back in. When the bag with poop is full you simply change it and that’s it. No more scooping for dad and always clean for me and Panthiras.

clean litter robotFor those who are concerned about safety, I am telling you that it is absolutely safe. At the time it is rotating if you touch it it stops immediately and resumes a few minutes later. For more info about it you can check on their website.

The only cons I can tell about is the smell. It smells a bit probably because it is open so we would prefer if it had some kind of door as well. But maybe that is only because of Panthiras, his poop smell a lot (somebody save me).

Panthiras searching for his poopPS: Panthiras is still in shock. He can’t figure out where his poop is going!!

Check our video below:

We love it so far!!

relaxing by the litter robot