Chapy Cat

I am Chapy and this is my Story in my own Words

If you are human, just read the text

Just in case you haven’t noticed, my name is Chapy and I am a Japanese Bobtail cat. I am considered a lucky cat and that is why Maneki Neko is inspired by the Japanese Bobtail breed and so is the famous brand Hello Kitty. Yes, I said bobtail and that is why my tail is so tiny like a bunny. Also my back feet are longer than my front feet and that is the reason I can run so fast and jump so high, just like a bunny! I am usually quite talkative and very affectionate. I got the name Chapy because mum and dad say that I am a happy chappy and make others happy! I like that and I wish I can make more and more cats and humans happy with my videos and photos. So please everybody, Don’t Worry, Be Chapy and never forget to Share Chapiness!

My story begins on 9th of December 2014, the day I was born in Geneva, Switzerland. I have a twin brother and a twin sister. It was fun back then being with my family, getting socialized and learning the “savoir vivre” like how to use the sand box properly and ONLY the sand box and not any couch. But months passed so fast and when I was almost 4 months old both my brother and my sister were adopted and I was the only one left. I was so sad, I felt like being rejected, nobody wanted to adopt me and I was wondering why, what was wrong with me? Was I going to grow old alone with mother and father?

But, as I say, nothing happens by coincidence and yet everything happens for a reason and I found the best home, the best family in the world, or they found me, and I am so Chapy they did 🙂 It was then when I left Switzerland and moved to Athens, Greece. It is so hot here and I love it! I hate cold weather and in Geneva was very cold. At first I was a bit shy when I arrived at my new home but my curiosity was bigger than that so started exploring right away. You can see my reactions on the video on the right. Oh, here is when I met one of my best friends, a lazy penguin!

But, life is not always as we want it to be. It is not always white but sometimes it is black as well and shit happens. Oops, please forgive my language! Well, 4 days after my arrival to my new home I was diagnosed with fungus. None of my parents back in Geneva nor my brother or sister had fungus so I probably got this during my trip to Athens or on the plane. The fact of me being a bit stressed cause I had never been on a plane before helped fungal infection grow fast. Fungus is not very rare in cats, almost 50% of cats have it but only a few have the symptoms and can infect other animals and I was one of them. Well, even though I am considered a lucky cat, I wasn’t so lucky this time and neither brought luck to my new parents as they got infected too. Yeap, humans can get infected too and they both did. I started treatment immediately with syrup, pills, skin treatment and a few injections. So did my parents. The bad thing with fungus is that it is very hard to get rid of it and the treatment lasted more than a month. Oh did I mention that I had to wear a cone? Yeap, the well known cone of shame. I really hate that cone and that is so obvious in the next photo. I couldn’t even walk straight or use the sand box.

cone of shame

The first month in my new home was not as expected neither by me nor by my parents. But my parents loved me so much from the very first time we met and gave me so much love and that helped so much with the treatment. They were so good to me and did their best for me even though they got a sick kitten, even though they got infected too. That is the reason I love them so much, the reason I want to make them happy and make everyone happy, because I am Chapy 🙂

Now I am very healthy and so are my parents. Hope I will never get sick again. I am very energetic and at least once a day I run all over the house for no reason at all, even if it is 5 am. I love spending the day playing with mum and dad or staying by the window watching the pigeons and dreaming of catching one of them one day.

As I said my tail is so tiny like a bunny. But don’t be fooled, my tail is tiny but I like to move move it when I am happy or in play mode. That is why my parents are not sure if I am a cat or a bunny or a dog. Oops, I forgot to mention that I keep my mouth open with my tongue out when it is very hot or when I get tired, just like dogs do! At least I do not bark, yet!

I am very affectionate and usually follow mum and dad everywhere. I hate being alone and when sometimes dad is in the office working and mum in the living room watching tv I usually lay down in the corridor so I can see them both because I love them equally. But there are 2 things you should know. I don’t like it when mum or dad pet me for more than 5 minutes. “Stay close but don’t touch MUM, I am not a little boy anymore!” I like staying very close and maybe even touching them with my back, ok ok maybe being pet a bit but don’t overdo it. I am not a lap cat, accept it! Secondly I am usually shy when I meet strangers and always run away looking for a hole to put my head in! When mum and dad take me out for a walk or to the park or the beach and unleash me I always stay close to them because I am shy with strangers. Sorry to hurt your feelings. I don’t hate strangers neither I am afraid, I just need some time to smell you first before hanging out! So please Don’t Worry, Be Chapy!