We are Chapy & Panthiras
and this is our story

Chapy & Panthiras

Just in case you haven’t noticed, my name is Chapy and I am a Japanese Bobtail cat. I am considered a lucky cat and that is why Maneki Neko is inspired by the Japanese Bobtail breed and so is the famous brand Hello Kitty. Yes, I said bobtail and that is why my tail is so tiny like a bunny. Also my back feet are longer than my front feet and that is the reason I can run so fast and jump so high, just like a bunny! I am usually quite talkative and very affectionate. I got the name Chapy because mum and dad say that I am a happy chappy and make others happy! I like that and I wish I can make more and more cats and humans happy with my videos and photos. So please everybody, Don’t Worry, Be Chapy and never forget to Share Chapiness!


My story begins on 9th of December 2014, the day I was born in Geneva, Switzerland. I have a twin brother and a twin sister. It was fun back then being with my family, getting socialized and learning the “savoir vivre” like how to use the sand box properly and ONLY the sand box and not any couch. But months passed so fast and when I was almost 4 months old both my brother and my sister were adopted and I was the only one left. I was so sad, I felt like being rejected, nobody wanted to adopt me and I was wondering why, what was wrong with me? Was I going to grow old alone with mother and father?

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