My First Birthday Party


This is my first birthday party ever! On Wednesday 9th of December I turn 1 year old! My first birthday and my first birthday party. The party will be online on my Facebook page Chapy. I will post many photos and videos during my real party at home with mom and dad. Everyone is welcome and you can bring your friends too! Here is the event on Facebook. Please join and invite your friends: Chapy’s First Birthday Party!

All day long I will be posting photos and videos on my Facebook page and on the event page and you can post yours as well so we can have a great party together. It is so good to celebrate your first birthday with friends and people who love you. I would love to see everyone there. And please, you don’t have to bring me any presents. Wishing me happy birthday is more than enough. Hm…well some small presents would be highly appreciated though!

So during the party I will share the best moments with everyone like me opening my presents from mom, dad, grandma etc. I will share the moment I will blow out my first candle and most important the moment I eat my first birthday cake. Hope it is good or I am leaving the party! And after that the real party begins. Loud music, dancing, eating great food, which I hope it is mostly turkey, and having a great time with my family and with all of you my dear furiends!

Chapy Cat

You Will Absolutely Enjoy These Photos:► I am Officially 1 Year Old

I can’t believe I am turning 1 year old. Actually that is 7 years old for cats. Hey, really, why do we celebrate my birthday every 7 years? Actually, I am not turning 1 year old but I am turning 7 years old OMG. That means that I won’t be a kitten anymore. I will be an adult. Why, why God! Why are you doing this to me? I don’t wanna to grow up! I want to be a kitten forever! Please dear furiends join the party and don’t leave me alone this tough day. Join Party Now

This Video Will Definitely Make You Smile:► Best Moments of my First Birthday Party

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