Decorating the Christmas Tree


We will decorate the Christmas tree they said. It will be fun they said. Well, yeah not so fun for me! I am 11 months old so this is the first Christmas for me. I am quite excited but to be honest, I expected more from a Christmas tree.

First of all this is not even green. What is wrong with you humans? First you call my mansion house a “cat tree” which is brown and now you call this Christmas tree which is white. Just in case you do not know, trees are usually green! Yeap, green. So this one is not a tree. I am sorry to say this but they sold you a fake tree. And the worst is that they made you believe this is actually a real tree. Pfff, humans!

Anyway, let’s pretend this is a tree. Why are you tying it up with those weird ropes? What has it done to you? Are you afraid it might escape? Also what are those shiny balls. Oh these look gooood! Can I touch em? Can I bite em? Cmon let me play with those balls. I won’t hurt em, I promise!

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These balls are really shiny, just look at them. And the tree has also many small lights. Oh this is sooo great. I am having so much fun. Ok now I got bored. Yeap, bored already. This tree is not interesting any more. I think it is sleep o’clock. But wait, it is feed o’clock first. Cmon human, feed me feed me! That stupid tree is still there in the living room and I don’t even care. Like why would I care about a fake white tree with a few shiny balls. OMG those shiny balls are so awesome!

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