What Happens When A Cat Wears Socks


In this videos I will show you what happens when a cat wears socks. Have you ever tried putting socks on your cat? You have never tried? Good! Don’t! Cats don’t like socks and this video proves this theory! Simply watch this video to see why you should never put socks or anything else on your cat’s feet!

As you already know, I hate cold. Well, almost all cats hate cold but I hate it more!! That is why you have seen me wearing clothes knitted by my grandma or even wearing a dragon costume!! I usually sleep on top of the radiator when it’s cold! This is the reason mom bought cat socks for me. My feet are always cold and she was worried about it. She wears at least 2 pairs of socks in winter hehe!

So it was about time to try those little blue socks! Yeap everything is blue for Chapy!! In a few years Chapy will mean blue (Chapy=blue) hehe!! Mom put those on me and guess what happened! I went crazy! It is like putting handcuffs to human. Immediately I forgot how to walk. I wanted those things of my little feet! Check the video to see my reaction.

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Once mom saw my reaction she removed the sock from my feet. I only had them on for 1 minute as you can see in the video! I have never seen those socks again and I hope I never will, ok mom? Cats are cats and we never wear anything on our feet. Even dogs hate socks, even though some of them give in too easy. Cats will never give in or give up! We need our feet so we can feel everything around us, to jump, run, hunt and protect ourselves! Just imagine what would happen if I go to my litter box with the socks on. Yeap, you don’t want that mom!

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