First Day at the Gym


This is my first day at the gym. I gained some weight during summer so I decided to join the gym. I have to be fit and healthy so now it is time to workout a little bit. But the problem is that I have never been to the gym before. And the only workout I’ve done is chasing a mouse toy all over the house. So that means I am good at running and jumping and a bit of scratching. But I have no idea how to workout with weights or those huge machines at the gym.

Anyway, I think I should give it a try. I never give up so why give up now? Does not matter how hard it might be, I am going to do it as many times as it takes until I am a pro. Who knows, maybe one day I go to the Cat Olympics!

Well, it is not as easy as I had in mind. These weights are really heavy. The point is that I am not even sure if I am doing it right. I want to lose the belly. How do I use the weights to lose the belly? Can somebody help me?

Maybe I need a personal trainer. But it is so hard to find a good personal trainer these days. I think this is enough for today. Besides it is only the first day. I better not overdo it and get hurt. See, I know a few things. What? LUNCH? I am coming, wait for me!

This Video Will Definitely Make You Smile:► I Never Give Up

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