How to Give Antibiotic Gel to Your Cat


Here is how to give antibiotic gel to your cat. Some cats like myself really hate pills and it is so hard to make them take the pills. But sometimes medicine is absolutely necessary. So here is the solution, the antibiotic gel.

This is not the first time I take antibiotics. When I was 4 months old and had fungus infection, I also had a wound on my neck because I was scratching my neck cause of fungus. So the vet also gave me antibiotic pills for the wound except for all the other medicine for fungus. Pfff those were really sad days which I don’t want to remember. Anyway, my point is that I hate pills.

Mum and dad tried everything to make me take the pills which managed to give me anyway after a hard fight. They tried to put it on water but I could smell it so I would never drink. They put it on my favorite food but same thing. I am not stupid, I can smell your tricks, humans! I remember once, after a hard fight, they thought I had swallowed the pill. But they were surprised to find the pill next morning on the bed. Stupid me, next time I will throw it under the bed.

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The past few weeks I used to throw up almost every day so mum and dad took me to the vet. The vet said that I had fever and stomach issues and that I need antibiotics immediately and syrup for my little stomach. OMG not pills again. I won’t take them, I swear! But mum and dad knew that I hate pills so they asked the vet if there is any other kind of antibiotic and the vet suggested the antibiotic gel. Purrfect!

Well not so purrfect. This antibiotic gel was so hard to find. It took all day for mum and dad to find it after going to every pet shop and every vet in the city. But in the end they found it. And now it was about time to taste the new thing. OMG what on Earth is that? Tastes like sh…! No, I don’t want it, stop putting it on my nose! Please just give the pills. I promise to take the pills. This was my first reaction when I tried the antibiotic gel for the first time. It is awful. But after a few times I got used to it. I had no choice. In this video it seems like I like it a lot and that it tastes good. Well, NO! It’s just that I prefer to lick it than have it on my nose. If you can’t avoid it, at least try to enjoy it or do it fast to get over with.

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