Chasing a Mouse and Acting like a Dog


They’ve told me that I am a cat but I have a bobtail like a rabbit and act like a dog. Are you sure that I am a cat? Please tell me the truth! Is it normal that I act like a dog? As you can see in this video I was playing and running fast and then I got tired and at the end of the video I keep my tongue out just like dogs do. I haven’t seen any other cats do that. And this is not the first time this happens. I usually do it when it is very hot or when I get really tired or both.

Just have a look at my face and tell me that is is normal. Please! Should I go to the vet? Have you seen this before! You think might be serious? OMG I am terrified. There is definitely something wrong with me.

I believe that mum and dad are lying to me. They have told me that my tail is so tiny like a rabbit because this is how I was born and that all Japanese Bobtails are like this.

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When I asked why I keep my tongue out and act like a dog they were really quiet. There is definitely something wrong here. Maybe I am not cat. Maybe I am a mix of cat, dog and rabbit. Am I mutant? Am I an experiment? Or maybe I have a rare illness and they don’t want to tell and make me feel sad. How much time do I have left? Please, somebody answer me!

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