How to Bath a Cat for the first time


This is my first bath! Ok ok the first attempt cause that wasn’t actually a bath. I have heard that some cats are not afraid of water or hate it, actually some of them love it OMG! Thank god I have not lost my mind yet. Water is evil, bad and I HATE IT! I cannot emphasize enough!

But on the other hand I hate being dirty and smelly. Unfortunately licking and cleaning myself is not enough cause I cannot reach my back even though I am very good at yoga. So having a bath (once a year) is inevitable but at least human, please do it right!

So here is how you do it. Actually just watch the video at the top of the article. My mum is very good and gentle with me and is trying to trick me with some toys (like I’m stupid). First you have to introduce the cat to the water or the other way around and also create a nice playful atmosphere.

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We, cats, love to play so if you make us believe that water is a kind of game and actually a funny one then that is the only way to trick and get a pussy cat wet. But hey, I warn you, do not expect miracles to happen. That does not mean that we will love water. So please, you better cut your cat’s nails first because you won’t leave the room without side effects 🙂 Also do not feed your cat before the bath although you could have some treats your cat loves with you and give 1 or 2 so you can avoid too many side effects! Just watch the video!

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