Nobody Touches My Coca Cola


Photoshoot day and I am ready to pose, like always! Ok maybe not always, it depends on my mood. This time we had a guest in the photoshoot. A bottle of coca cola.

For those who do not know, I LOVE COCA COLA. Well, by saying that I mean which cat does not love such an amazing shiny red bottle with an amazing cap that I still cannot open even if I have tried so many times? Yeap, I love this bottle and love hanging around and playing with it. What I love the most is in summer when mum gives me a frozen bottle of coca cola and I start licking it like crazy.

In this specific photo I am giving a hug to this unique bottle. Well, actually that is not very accurate. If I was simply giving a hug, my eyes would be half closed, enjoying it. Besides, who hugs a bottle? Ok ok lets make things clear because I believe some of you might have misunderstood the situation here. I don’t love that bottle SOOO much! So the reason for hugging the bottle, actually keeping it close and my eyes are wide open is because mum just said “Chapy, give me the bottle now, you’ve played enough“. WHAT?? Nobody Touches my Coca Cola! Not even you mum! Go away and leave me alone! Hm… mum? Ok I think I misbehaved a bit, I did not mean what I said, sorry for shouting at you. Please let me play for a bit longer!

chapy coca cola small

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Enjoy the photo below and please let me know your thoughts or any idea for the next photoshoot. You can also view all photos by clicking to the “Photo Gallery” below the photo. To view the photo in better HD quality you can click the link to Flick or 500px.

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