My Dragon Costume


This is my lovely dragon costume. Do you like it? It might look a bit funny on a cat like me with a bobtail but trust me it is so warm and cool. It is perfect for those cold winter days. Winter is almost here and I am ready. What about you?

The only problem with this costume is that I am not used to it yet and it is hard to walk straight. But I am a clever cat and learn really fast so no worries about that. I have a short hair and when it is cold I always look for a place to keep by body warm. For those of you who do not know, cats have body temperature 38-38 degrees. That means that we feel cold and heat different than humans do and that is the reason we usually hate water. Because the water temperature has to be close to our body temperature and when we get out of it it is very cold for us.

But now with this costume I do not worry about cold days anymore. And when I feel hot, this costume is so easy to take it off. When I put it on for the first time I felt really weird. I thought I was in another world and had no idea what was happening. But when I realized what was going on and did not feel anymore cold all I wanted to do is sleep and it was perfect.

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Although I am a bit worried cause I haven’t seen the costume in a while now. I wonder where has mum put it. Hope she hasn’t given it to another cat or even worse to another dog. Cmon mum where is my costume, it is getting cold already. Do you want me to get sick? For those of you who find this funny and laugh every time I fell down it is ok, you can laugh now. But please let me know if you will be laughing in a few days when you will get cold and I won’t!

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