Meeting a Dog for the First Time


This is the first time in my life that I meet a dog in person. I had seen dogs in a few videos on youtube but never seen one in real life. Wanna know what was my first impression? Simply watch the video below and you will understand. But I will give you a hint. JUST WAIT FOR IT! Best part is at the end of the video.

What? Are you so lazy to watch the video? Ok ok I will tell you. My first impression was… not much. I expected more from a dog. From the videos I have seen dogs are way more energetic and playful and fearless. This one was very shy and scared of me. I thought cats are usually scared by dogs not the other way around, right?

To be honest I kind of liked this little guy. His name is Tito and he is very playful and funny, for hoomans. When I met Tito I was 8 months old and Tito was younger than me. He was 5 months old. Just a little puppy. Maybe that is why he was afraid of me. Or maybe because I hit him once or twice. I did not do it on purpose, I swear. It was an accident! Watch the video and you will see what I mean.

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See? I told you it was an accident. This little puppy was too excited and used to run at me fast. I am a cat. I get easily scared. I thought it was an attack. I had to defend myself. I had to remind this little dog who is in charge here. See how good boy he is at the end of the video? Calm and loyal.

Oh, I would like to mention for those hoomans who might think that what I did to this dog was cruel that I always have my claws clipped because I am an indoor cat. Yes, the dog is still alive, don’t worry! He simply learned his lesson and from now on he is my loyal servant. Today the dog, tomorrow the world!

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