Watch Me Wag My Tiny Tail


Have you seen me wag my tiny tail? Here I am wagging, moving, shaking my tiny tail. It might be small but is fully functional. I am a Japanese Bobtail cat. Yes I have a bobtail. My tail is tiny like a bunny. But that does not mean that I cannot move it. Of course I like to move it move it!

Did you know that the tail on a Japanese Bobtail cat is like a fingerprint is for hoomans? Yes, every Japanese Bobtail cat has a UNIQUE tail. Some are longer and some shorter, some are curly and some other not. Mine is quite short and curly. Unlike American Bobtail cats or Manx cats, a Japanese Bobtail cat is never completely tail less. It actually has all its tail vertebrae, they’re just small!

In this video you can see me wag my little tail. I use to do that all the time and you can check all previous videos if you don’t believe me. But the fact that it is very small makes it hard to notice so you have to pay attention on the tail. I mostly wag it when I play and I am happy and when watching the pigeons outside the window like in this video!

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Like every cat my tail is quite sensitive and if somebody touches it then I get very aggressive and might bite if you do it twice. The good thing is that there is no way someone can step on my tail by accident! And the bad thing is that a tail on a cat is a way of communication. Mine is so small that is hard to tell my actual mood. But, I don’t think that is so bad. Only the persons who really know me well can tell my actual mood. And that’s only mom and dad!

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