My First Time at the Beach


This is my first time on a beach! I had never seen a beach before. So here is my first impression. Not excited! These are the reasons I was not excited. Too many strangers, too much noise, too much water, and worse, too much sand. Yes, I said sand. I know many of you will think I am a crazy cat. You think that this is the biggest and best toilet for a cat. Who wants a huge toilet? Do you? Wherever you go, each step you take, you’re still in the toilet. Would you be excited?

I really don’t get this. Why do hoomans enjoy spending so much time in a toilet? And they seems so relaxed and having fun. And worse, they even get in the water OMG. I heard dad call this “sea”. Yeap, I can see it dad, it’s still water! Too much water I would say!

When we arrived at the beach I was so curious and scared at the same time. Where on Earth am I? That was my first question. I wanted to explore the new environment but at the same time I was scared because there were so many strangers around. I am a shy little boy. I don’t like strangers. Can’t a cat have some privacy at the beach?

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Oh, I forgot to mention the sun. It was really hot. And the sand was hot too. Normally, I love hot weather. I love the sun and could sleep for hours under the sun. But today the sun was a lot hotter than usually and the sand too. Why is the sand hot? Why the sand at home is not hot? Oh, also forgot to mention that we are at Atlantis beach in Kos island, Greece.

Thank God mom and dad was always very close. They never left me alone! They wanted to make me feel comfortable and enjoy my first time at the beach. They simply wanted me to have fun at the beach. How can someone have fun in a huge toilet surrounded by strangers?

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