Meeting the Cleaning Robot


Cleaning robot yes, you can call it roomba if you want but actually roomba is a brand and this one is not roomba but anyway. They are all devil’s machine. Humans love creating devil’s machine. This thing is really evil.

In the beginning it was staying still, not moving at all and I was checking it out smelling it. I had NO IDEA it was alive. Suddenly it start moving fast all over the place chasing me. It scared the hell out of me. I almost wet my pants I would say if I was wearing any! Oops, don’t say that to mum!

After a few minutes I realized that this machine wasn’t actually after me. It was after dad, OMG! Dad run, run as fast as you can. Pfff I don’t know what is going on, dad seems not to be afraid at all. He even touches that thing with his foot. He is also trying to tell me something. Sorry dad but I do not speak Greek yet.

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I think he is trying to tell me that the stupid robot is really after me and is pretending to chase dad. Or maybe is cooperating with dad so they can catch me and who knows what they want to do to me. I better go hide anyway! But wait, dad loves me. He would never hurt me. So what on earth does this thing want? Could it be my new toy? Can I ride it? Seems fun and it doesn not smell bad. Hm well maybe later. At the moment I will keep an eye on it!

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