Sleeping With Eyes Open


One day I was sleeping like I do every day. But this time was different. I was sleeping with eyes open. Can you believe this? If I hadn’t seen the video I would never believe that. I didn’t when dad told me the first time until I saw this video OMG!

This can’t be me. Must be photoshoped. Yes, that’s it, photoshop. There is no way I was sleeping in that position with my eyes open. I can’t remember anything. I have a great memory and would definitely remember it if I was sleeping with eyes open. But I don’t so this must be a big joke, a prank. Well, guess what. It is not funny at all. Do you see me laughing? Can you see anybody laughing? Nope!

Ok, after a second look at the video it seems that it is not photoshoped. And it is quite obvious that it is me. Who else could it be? But still it is very hard for me to accept that I was sleeping like this.

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First of all my eyes are not fully open. We can say that they are half open or half closed. But still, that doesn’t make me feel better. Maybe I am not the only cat that sleeps like this. Maybe other cats do the same or maybe other animals or even humans. Please, if anybody knows anything about this just let me know. Or better send me any photos or videos with other cats sleeping like this. That would definitely make me feel better.

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