Killing and Eating a Fly after a Hard Fight


A fly is always a nice treat for a cat and it becomes even better after a long chase. We are hunters like our cousins tigers and we need to earn our food. Think of it as a reward. Personally I love flies and insects in general. Whenever I see one I go crazy and start chasing it all over the house. I am a hunter, I have to get my prey!

This time a fly entered my room. My own room. It was like challenging me to a fight and of course I accepted the challenge. The chase and fight was really long. In the video you will see mostly the highlights in about 3 minutes but the fight lasted more than 30 minutes! Yeap that is true and I got really exhausted! But at least it was worth it and the trophy was eating that fly.

I can run really fast and I am also very good at camouflage. Also my eyes are like a radar, I can lock the target from a long distance. My only problem is that I cannot fly. Although I can jump real high still the fly could go even higher. But I never give up.

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I was simply being very patient and focused on my goal, to kill and eat that fly! And all that paid of when with a hard hit I managed to injure the fly and it could not fly any more. It was victory and the fly was gone! Although it was quite small. I wish there was another one or a few more! I better keep my eyes open!

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