My Weird Sleeping Position


In this video you can see me sleeping in a weird position. Weird, funny, not normal position. What is wrong with you cats and humans? Why is this weird? Do I judge your sleeping positions? No I do not! So why are you judging mine?

I like this position, actually I love it. It is quite comfort and relaxing to me and I could sleep all day like this. Wait a second, I think you are jealous because I am very flexible compared to yourself. Oh don’t worry, you should practice yoga too. Actually I will teach you a few exercises in one of my next videos.

So about this position, I have been asked if I have a name for it. Hm I think you can call it “the tornado sleeping position“. That is because as you can see I have turned my body like a tornado!

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I have a lot more sleeping positions but I am not sure if I will ever show them to you. I don’t like when cats and humans make fun of me and I am afraid my other positions might look weird to you just like this one. Besides I have seen many cats and humans sleep in real weird positions. This is nothing compared to what I have seen. Actually you should see my dad’s sleeping position. I will try and record a video of him but please don’t tell him or mum about this.

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