It’s Raining Cats and Dogs


It is raining cats and dogs out there. Yes, that is what dad is telling me all day and I have no idea what he means. First of all I am not sure I know what dog is. But whatever that is I can’t see it outside. I can’t see any cats either. So, how is it raining cats and dogs?

I think humans have lost it! This is just rain, water. Water falling from the sky OMG. I hate water and that means I hate rain too. But how is it possible so much water falling from the sky? Who is throwing the water? Does it ever end?  Can I drink it?

Raining Cats and Dogss

Mum and dad you have lied to me. You told me that in Greece never rains. This was one of the reasons I agreed to move here. Why did you lie to me? It hasn’t stop raining for the past 17 minutes. What? What do you mean I cannot go out? No? Really? OMG I think I am going to cry! I feel like i am in prison! Please make it STOP! Somebody make it STOP.
cant go out todays make rain stops

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makes me blues

I feel so blue, just like my eyes. I just want to sleep. Maybe when I wake up won’t be raining any more. Maybe the nightmare is over. I think I should dream of a sunny day to make my mood. Am I the only cat who hates water and rain? Am I that weird?

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