The Force Awakens With Chapy Cat


Have I mentioned that I am a Jedi Cat? No? Well, yeap, I am! I am Chapy the little Jedi cat! The star of the Star Wars! As you can see from the photos I have a blue lightsaber. I am a brave little guardian. So there is nothing to worry about when I am around. I will protect you. And I never ask anything in return. Some treats would be nice though.

Today is the day I reveal my secret to you. Here are these photos as proof for the nonbelievers. Today The Force Awakens and I feel more powerful than ever before. See this little penguin? He is small but he is evil. He is a servant of Darth Vader. His mission was to assassinate me. But after a hard fight I got him. I will decide his fate later, after dinner. I am too hungry to think at the moment!






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