Playing with my New Giant Tennis Ball


I am so happy today because dad gave me a real tennis ball. A giant tennis ball. I love it. I am a boy, of course I love balls. Tennis ball, baseball, football just give me a ball and expect to see me go crazy with it.

To be honest, it is not easy playing with this ball because it is a bit big, bigger than my balls. I mean the other balls mum and dad have given to me, toy balls! It is not that I can’t handle it, it’s just that I am not used to it, yet.

This is the first time in my life I see a tennis ball and it is a giant one. But how do they play with this one? Do they have giant tennis rackets as well? DAD? Where are the rackets? How can I play tennis only with the ball?

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Anyway, till I get the rackets I will get used to the ball first. I believe I am doing it right, no? Where should I bite first? I think left corner is great to begin with. I had no idea tennis balls tasted that good. Can I eat it dad? No?? Pfff. Dad is not paying attention. I don’t care what he says, I will eat it. I am curious to see what is inside. It could be turkey or chicken or even better some catnip. Yeap I am sure it is catnip, that’s why it tastes so damn good.

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