Giant Spider Cat Scares Big Guy


A guy is sitting on the couch looking at his mobile phone when suddenly a giant black creature shows up very fast and he gets terrified while his cellphone fells off his hands. It is a giant spider cat. I am just kidding! It is me, Chapy! Happy Halloween everybody!

Today is Halloween and I am wearing my new spider costume. This is my very first Halloween and I am enjoying it. Actually, I was enjoying it until this guy scared the hell out of me. I have no idea what is wrong with him. I was simply running too fast all over the house like I always do while wearing my spider costume when suddenly this guy started shouting so loud. But that is not the worst. He tried to hit me with his mobile phone OMG. Thank god I am too fast and he missed, phew!

But the weirdest thing here is that after him trying to hit me with his cellphone both mum and dad started laughing. Hey, what is so funny? Why are you supporting him? He tried to hit me! I really can’t believe this, I can’t understand what is going on. Anyway, I better keep on running fast and leave this room before this crazy guy throws anything else trying to hit me.

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This spider costume is awesome. Well not as awesome as my dragon costume, but it is quite good. It is a bit smaller and not so warm compared to the dragon costume. But now that winter is almost here I guess I will be wearing the dragon costume every day so I decided today to wear this spider costume. What do you thing my dear furiends? Do you like it? I would love to see your costumes. Please send me some photos. Got to go to the party now. Chapy Halloween!

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