I am Too Fast for this Floor


I think I am too fast for this floor. I run fast, everybody knows that. That is why my back feet are longer than my front feet. I can run like a rabbit. I usually run all over the house for no reason at all. I know this is a hard turn to take but I have done it a million times. Except that this time I miscalculated my speed.

But why isn’t there any speed limit sign? Dad, you should put a speed limit sign before that corner. Someone could get killed. Maybe I won’t be that lucky next time. Wait a sec, hope you’re not trying to kill me dad. Are you? Of course you are not, I know how much you love me!

The truth is that I am the one to blame. All odds where against me. Firstly I knew that this floor is quite slippery. Secondly I knew this is a hard turn. But the most important thing is that I know I have a bobtail. It is so hard to turn with a bobtail. The tail in a cat and in animals in general is like the steering wheel on a car and mine is SOOO DAMN SMALL!

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Ok let’s put the technical difficulties aside because there are other factors more important. You see, I might be very smart but when I get excited it is like my mind stops working and I don’t think right. Is that serious? Could it cost my life someday? Hope not! And finally I am very careless about myself in general and usually when I play with my toys. The conclusion here is that whenever I am around you better keep an eye on me. One victim is enough!

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