Happy New Year


I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year! I hope all your wishes come true this year! Wish you all health, happiness and positive energy! May 2016 and all years to come to be the best years of your life!

We don’t need money and wealth to achieve happiness and be successful. Actually we need happiness and positive energy to accomplish all our goals. If we are really happy and think positive then we can have and do anything we desire. Life is the way we see it and I choose to see it white and a bit orange 🙂

This is the first New Year with my furever family! I have decided that the New Year 2016 will be full of positive energy and thinking, love, travels, fun, good food, success and of course full of Chapiness!! I will do my best to achieve all my goals and wish the same for everyone. But most important I will do my best to MAKE YOU SMILE! Don’t worry, be Chapy and smile more cause everyone deserves to smile and be happy! What do you say when words are not enough? Well maybe a few meows! In this short video I would like to wish you Happy New Year in my own words!

You Will Absolutely Enjoy This Video:► Decorating the Christmas Tree

As you can see I am already having a great time and I am ready to party. I am all dressed up and ready for New Year’s Eve! I am going to eat a lot of purrfect food and drink a lot of water! I also can’t wait to see the fireworks. Don’t worry though, mom and dad always keep me safe and make sure I am happy, cause I am Chapy! Happy New Year 2016 everyobody!!

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