The Turkey is Still Alive Inside Me


I had too much turkey for New Year. And it was so good. But while I was enjoying the fireworks something really weird happened. The turkey spoke within me. The turkey is still alive. I thought I could handle it. But this time was different. I think the turkey got scared because of the fireworks. Poor turkey.

We were at grandma’s for New Year’s Eve. We were having a great time and the food was purrfect. Everything was purrfect except that it was very cold outside. My Grandma’s house is on top of a high hill and from up there we could see the city of Athens.

The spot is great to see the fireworks because you can see all fireworks all over the city and also we are so far away from them except the fireworks of the neighbors. I had never seen fireworks before. We cats and animals in general do not like fireworks so please always keep your pets far away from the fireworks. Like in this case. As you can see I wasn’t scared at all until that turkey used my voice to express its opinion. Don’t worry dear turkey, nothing can harm you anymore! Here is a short vine when the turkey started talking!

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I had never made such a weird sound before! I am pretty sure it was the turkey inside my little stomach. I was simply enjoying the fireworks with mom and dad. Here is the full video. Check for yourself and let me know your opinion.

I will never eat so much turkey again. Ok, maybe I will but I will make sure not to be around any fireworks. Hm, that is a weird way to start the New Year! Hope I won’t turn into turkey!

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