Open the Door and Nobody Gets Hurt


Simply open this door and nobody gets hurt. I know you are in there cooking lunch. I can smell the turkey from miles away. Cmon mom and dad open the door and let me in. I will behave and not jump to get your food. I will only jump to get my part of the food. Only a slice of turkey is enough for me, I think.

Cmon why won’t you let me in. Can’t you see me wagging my tiny tail? I promise not to brake any glasses or touch the burning oven like last time. I got my lesson. I will simply watch you cooking. I could even help you so we can make lunch faster and better. Did you know that if you add some cat fur everything tastes way much better?

Don’t you know that a closed door is a cat’s worst nightmare? Why are you doing this to me? Can’t you hear me pretending to be crying? Aren’t I a good actor? Meooowww!! I can even see your shadows from this class door. I know you are there. Ok, ok just give me a slice of turkey and I will leave you alone! Since you are ignoring me I will find another way in. I think I should tunnel under! Maybe I should use my lightsaber!

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Oh, finally you opened the door and let me in! Now, where’s that turkey? WHAT? You’re not cooking turkey? You are cooking beans? Who eats beans anyway? Pfff…. I am out of here! Next time put a sign on the door with the daily menu. Don’t waste my time and energy for beans. I am busy cat you know!

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