How I Won 2 Trophies at my First International Cat Show


The 28th and 29th International cat show is over. It was my first cat show. I got first in my category and Best in Show on both days. Two shows, two trophies, one winner! What more could a little cat ask for?

The cat show took place in Athens, Greece. Yeap, I am lucky cause I live in Athens, Greece! It was a morphology cat show. That means that judges judge cats by their characteristics, breed standards and behavior. No, I didn’t do any circus tricks 🙂

I was in category 4 which is the oriental/exotic category. I competed against Abyssinian cats, British shorthair, Sphynx and Russian blue. The first day I was very stressed. I had never been to a cat show before and never seen so many hoomans. Of course mom and dad where always close to me doing their best to make me feel comfortable. Visitors came to me all the time. At first they thought I was just a simple cat. But after a closer look they seemed really surprised and more and more people gathered around me. Yes, I was a bit stressed at first but then I got used to it. After a few hours the judge called my number. She was a nice lady. She pet me a bit and then she said that I am nominated for Best in Show and I am going straight to the final! Purrfect!

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As you can see on the video I won the first day my first trophy as the best in show. Same thing happened the second day even though there were different cats and I had a different judge. Of course the fight was not easy at all but in the end I managed to take my 2 trophies. 2 trophies in 2 days at my first cat show! I even gave 3 interviews for TV and 2 for magazines. More hoomans used to gather around me taking photos and videos. I wasn’t stressed at all the second day. I even walked free among them giving autographs with my little paw! Suddenly I was a celebrity!

But, cmon now, let’s be honest! I am a cat. I don’t care about trophies and TV. Just give me some turkey and your love and I am fine! My real trophy is You! You, who haven’t stopped reading this article and you are almost at the end of it! My real furiends! You are my real trophy and I really appreciate your love! I love you too!

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