How To Make A Cocktail For Your Cat


Here is how to make a cocktail for your cat. Cats have rights too! Cocktails are not only for hoomans! If it tastes good we can have it. If not, drink it yourself! I want a cocktail NOW.

But, what is a cocktail? I know dad is cooking something in the kitchen. I can smell the tuna!! Yes, tuna, but wait I think I can smell chicken too! OMG! Cmon, let me try it. Don’t know what you are cooking but somebody has to taste if it’s good, dad! And guess who is the best at it!

In general, I am very impatient. Are all cats impatient? When mom or dad is cooking something, I won’t stop meowing until I smell or even taste everything. I do the same when it’s play time and nobody is playing with me. I am very stubborn. If I want something, I want it NOW!! So CMON let me taste that cocktail. I am sure I am gonna love it! What? There is also a sausage? And treats? OMG! Give it to me NOW!!

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Please dad, I can’t wait any longer! I want my cocktail! I ordered a cocktail and still nothing! If it’s not ready soon, I will go to another cat bar! I don’t like the service in this one. Why is it taking so long?

Finally, it’s ready! Wait, what is this? Where is my cocktail? Where is my tuna and my chicken? What is this dad? This is not my cocktail. This is not what I ordered. Please call the manager. Who is in charge here? Why did you destroy my food? Seriously, what is this?

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