Playing with my New Toys


This is one of my first videos. I was so excited to have new toys and I couldn’t help and go crazy with them. Ah, I remember that red ball. It was one of my favorite cat games for a long long time.

Actually I broke the first one I had and dad gave me a new one exactly the same. I haven’t broken that yet! Probably because it is not my favorite now. That is because dad gave me a new one quite similar to this one but instead of a ball there is a small mice. I am a cat after all, what could I do? Balls are good, but mice is irresistible! Oh I wish the next one is a bird, preferably a pigeon. If it is real, even better!

Yes, I am that energetic and very fast. I have been asked by many humans and even cats if this video or at least some parts are in fast forward. The answer is NO. That is me 100%. I believe I am even more faster now and act like crazy when play mode is ON.

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Being playful and energetic is good but there are consequences! There always are. Most of the time I am not careful at all, actually I am very careless. All I think about is my toys and how to catch em and squeeze  em and sometimes end up hitting my head on the table or falling down the couch. But even after I get hit I don’t seem to bother and keep on playing like nothing happened. I might be a bionic cat! I like that. You can call me Super Chapy from now on!

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