How to Bath a Cat – My First Bath


Here is how to bath a cat, if you have any! And this is my first bath. Not first attempt like last time. This is a real bath OMG! Just to make this clear, it is my first bath with my new family at my new home not my very first bath ever. I am not that dirty. But the problem is that like almost every cat, I HATE WATER, actually I hate getting wet. I don’t like being a wet pussy cat! But neither a smelly cat so a bath once a month is inevitable!

The most important thing is how to bath a cat, the right way. As I said most cats hate getting wet and if you bath your cat the wrong way it will be even more difficult to bath your cat and more painful for the cat. So please read on, watch the video and DO IT RIGHT!

Cats have a body temperature 38 -39 degrees. That is a lot more than humans. That means that if water seems hot enough for a human for cats it will be cold and cats hate cold water. Like getting wet is not enough. So make sure the water is hotter than you would bath yourself but make sure you do not overdo it. If you have a thermometer that would be great and make sure the temperature is around 39 degrees.

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Do not feed your cat before bath. But you could have some treats with you in the bathroom. That is a good way to make your cat like bath time. Also bringing some toys that your cat really loves is a great idea. We are trying to make a perfect and friendly environment for the cat. Finally, whatever you do, do it as slowly as you can so your cat can get used to it. For more details simply watch the video and how my mum baths me for the first time!

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