I Believe I Can Fly


I am Chapy and I believe I can fly. I am a super cat and I got super powers. One of them is flying! Just watch me do it! I know I can do it! I believe I can fly, I believe I can jump so high! All it takes is confidence and a bit of craziness! I got em both! Of course I can do it!

When nobody is playing with me then I got my own way to have fun and get amused. For example, flying! Ok, I will be honest with you. I know I can really fly, it’s just that I am not there yet. I am only 1 year old. I have to practice a lot to reach my goal. Someone cannot simply fly. You have to practice for many hours every single day in order to make it.

So here I am practicing! Before you can fly you have to learn how to jump first. Have I told you that I can jump really high? Yes I can. Have you noticed that my back feet are longer than my front feet? That is the reason I can run so fast and jump so high. Also you should know that I practice every day. My feet are really strong. So don’t worry when you see me fell down. I feel NO pain.

You Will Absolutely Enjoy This Video:► I am Too Fast for this Floor

Today’s exercise was to reach the phone. As you can see it is not hard for me to reach it. Part of the exercise was to reach the phone, touch it but be careful not to move it because it might fell down on my head. As you can see, mission accomplished. Look at me how Chapy I am 🙂

This Video Will Definitely Make You Smile:► My Weird Sleeping Position

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