Something Bad Happened While I Was Playing


I was playing with dad and we were having a great time until something really unexpected happened! I know I am a bit careless when I play but this wasn’t my fault. Was it? I don’t think so! I was doing what I always do when I play this game! I was simply jumping and running like crazy trying to catch that little mouse.

This is my favorite game. Actually the only toy I really like. No matter what I might be doing if someone starts moving that mouse I go crazy and start chasing it. Even if I am sleeping, eating or pooping. Although you don’t want to try and move it while I am pooping!!!

I am a little tiger and LOVE hunting! I am a little hunter! I run fast and jump high. I know the exact moment when to attack. In this video I was really enjoying it until everything was gone. Life is so cruel. You are having fun and feeling great and then in a second you feel exactly the opposite. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Why did this happen to me?

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My favorite toy now is broken. I broke it. I think I used too much force. Or maybe dad used too much force. Dad, did you break it? Why did you break it dad? You don’t want to play with me anymore? I feel so sad. With what am I gonna play now? I have no toys at all except those 100 toys under my cat tree. What? You will get me a new one? A better one? I love you daddy!

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