I just Saw a Long-haired Girl


Long-haired girl? Where, where is she? Oh there she is! Here comes CHAPY! I love long hair I really do and when a long-haired girl or boy is around then you don’t have to look for me because you know where you will find me. On top of their head. Yeap, on top pulling, scratching, smelling and eating their hair.

I have no idea why I like them so much. Is there something wrong with me? Am I the only cat who goes crazy with long hair? Anyway, I don’t care what you think. If you have long hair then you better keep an eye on me or better keep an eye on your hair! Because the exact moment you loose sight of me and pay no attention then I will be right behind your head pulling those hair. And then it will be too late, you have no choice but to surrender!

In this video the girl is my aunt. Her hair is amazing and smell so good! I love to eat them and play with them. You think I have issues because I am a short-hair cat? Maybe I do!

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During the night while mum sleeps I go right next to her on top of her pillow and play with her hair. Thank god she does not wake up easily! She always has a rubber band when she sleeps and every night she loses one of them. Actually, I remove it from her hair and usually throw it under the bed or under the couch. Please don’t tell her 🙂

But the past week I am very sad because mum cut her hair. Her hair is not so long anymore. Ok, not so short like mine but not as they used to be. I just feel sad and stay on the couch hoping for my aunt to pay us a visit soon or a friend with long-hair!

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