You Can’t Buy Chapiness


Who said you can buy happiness, I mean Chapiness? No you cannot buy Chapiness, nobody can. But you can adopt it. Ok ok when I say you can adopt Chapiness I do not mean that you can adopt me. I already have a great family but there are so many cats and dogs out there who don’t. So PLEASE GO and adopt at least one. It is free, it will cost you nothing. If someone offered you Chapiness for free would you take it? Yes, of course you would so go ahead and adopt a cute little kitten or puppy!

I am a very lucky cat because I got adopted since I was 4 months old and have never been homeless or in a shelter. But that does not mean that I do not care for all those cats and dogs who are hungry and die on the streets. I swear that for the rest of my life I will do my best to help as many of them as possible.

Cant buy chapiness no

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This is a message for all you humans who are looking for Chapiness and you believe it does not exist. Yes it does. You only have to open your eyes and look around you. Once you do you will see your family who loves you, your friends and why not a small creature that all it wants is some food and water, a corner at your home but most of all LOVE.

I believe that in life you get what you give so GIVE LOVE NOW without expecting anything in return and trust me that somehow, someday life will return that love back to you. And that could be a small cat staring at you and blinking at you slowly trying to show you how much it appreciates what you do for it and how much it loves you and will do no matter what for the rest of its small life! Yes, you CAN adopt Chapiness!

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