Santa is Here But I Can’t Catch Him


It is Christmas! Merry Christmas! Santa is finally here! But there is a little problem. I can’t catch him. I think he is a bit shy. He won’t even let me smell him. I always wanted to know how Santa smells.

I woke up this morning and realized it is Christmas! Did I say Merry Christmas? It’s ok, I will say it again! Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you are having a great time with your family and friends! So, as I was saying I woke up and guess what. Santa was here! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought Santa wasn’t real and that mom and dad were lying to me. But NOOO! He is REAL! I saw him with my own little blue eyes. And also caught him on camera! Yeap, I have proof that Santa Paws exists! Check the video below and you can see for yourselves!

But, you should know this guys! Santa is REALLY WEIRD. He wouldn’t let me catch him, not even a kiss or a hug. Don’t be so shy Santa, it’s me Chapy! I am sure you got my letter! Where is my present?

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Soon I figured out that this giant robot house had kidnapped Santa. He was trying to escape but the house wouldn’t let him go. Don’t worry Santa. Chapy is here. Hold on! After a hard fight with this robot I managed to defeat it and take Santa out! He is alright don’t worry! Present are fine as well! I will send him your way as soon as I get my presents! Santa, I saved your life! You owe me at least 6 presents!

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