Pink Nose Design by Chapy


This is the Pink Nose design created by me, Chapy! It is my 5th design so far and I named it Pink Nose because my nose is pink, did you notice? If you check my previous designs you will notice that on all of them, except the Full Body design, my face is black and white and only my eyes are colored. Also in the Full Body design which is colored my face is a bit far from the camera so my pink nose is not easily seen. So this is the first close up design where my little pink nose is colored.

Yeap, I have a small pink nose which usually is cold and wet. I like to smell everything. Simply everything. Am I the only cat who does that? Also, my ears and my paws are pink. I think it is is the color of my skin. So if I had no fur at all I would be pink? A pink cat? OMG but I am a boy. I should be blue like my eyes! Thank God my eyes are blue so everybody can recognize that I am a boy and not a girl. You do know that I am a boy, don’t you?

In this design you can see only my little head. Actually it seems so big here but trust me, my head is very small. It is my left profile and I am probably looking at the birds and wagging my tiny tail! Oh, just noticed that this is the only design where I am looking somewhere else and not straight at you! Pawsome!!


Also my eyes look great in this design especially the left one cause the right one is a bit blur. As you can see this design is purrfect in white t-shirt but as with most of my design I think it would be great in black t-shirt as well. Another alternative could be light grey color. Do you like it? Do you have any other suggestion? Can’t wait to read your comments about my new design!

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