Please Help Me Clean Myself


Dad is doing his best to help me clean myself. 4 days after arriving to my new home I was diagnosed with fungal infection so I started treatment right away. I had to take pills, a few injections and skin treatment. It was awful and painful. the treatment lasted for a month and to get things worse I had to wear a cone. I was only 4 months old.

With that cone I couldn’t even walk straight. I couldn’t use the sand box properly, I couldn’t sleep well, I had no appetite and the worst, I couldn’t clean myself because I was wearing the cone. Mum and dad were very sad watching me like this and were doing their best to make me feel better and help me get over fungus as soon as possible. In this video dad is helping me clean myself. This video is so touching. Every time I watch it I want to cry. Thank you dad, I love you!

Fungus is not very rare in cats but only a few have the symptoms and can infect other cats or humans. Yes that is right, humans can get infected too and unfortunately both mum and dad got infected by me and they started treatment as well. I am so sorry for this. Fungus is not a serious illness but it is very hard to get rid of it. None of my real parents or my sister or brother had fungus or at least they had no symptoms so I guess I got infected during my trip to Greece, probably on the plane.

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Thanks to mum and dad I got rid of fungus in about a month. And that is because they were so nice with me and loving. Fungus could take even 3-6 months to disappear. Mum and dad also got rid of it fast and we are all healthy now! I hate diseases! I love life and I try to enjoy every second with cats and humans who love me and I love back!

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